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> I am busy trying to grasp the browse list concept. We have subnets and
> dial-in accounts. From what I have read you may have to get your Linux
> box act as aWINS server and have to dial-up user use the wins server to
> resolve names on the brows list. The browse list is updated every 12-15
> minutes ao your dial-up account might not show upat first. This has
> caused me some trouble at first as I expected the list to be up-todate
> as the PC logs on.
> Hope this sheds some light on your problem.

The WINS is not as directly involved as you might think. The only
purpose of WINS in the propagation of a browse list is to allow a local
domain browser to find out who is a domain master browser, so that they
may swap browse list information with each other. Other than this, WINS
does nothing.

If you want the dialup story to work, one way (which we have here) is to
make sure the dialup lines have IP addresses with proxy-arp so that they
participate directly on an ethernet LAN. This LAN must then have at
least one box configured to be eligible to become a local browse master
to collate the browse list.

If on the other hand each dialup is on a point to point network, or on a
subnet hidden completely inside a dialup router, then each dialup box
must itself be eligible to become a local master browser, *and* it must
have correctly configured WINS so that it can find the domain master
browser to swap the browse list with.

In short, any machine that wants a complete browse list must:

a) have or be a local master browser on the subnet
b) have WINS correctly configured to find the domain master browser.

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