Problems setting up samba

Paul Berkley pberkley at
Thu Nov 19 04:59:41 GMT 1998

I'm a new samba user and are having trouble getting it up and running
I've have install Samba 1.9.18p8 on Digital Unix 4.0d computer. I'm having
trouble setting it up I've been through the steps in the DIAGNOSIS.txt
file and when I get to step 7 Run command "smbclient \\alpha500\tmp"
alpha500 = samba server, tmp = shared directory).
this is the result I get:

smbclient //alpha500/public
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Server time is Thu Jan  6 20:57:36 2000
Timezone is UTC+11.0
smb: \> alpha500: npm01>

That is I get the smb prompt but it drops out immediately. I can use
smbclient to connect to
our NT Server with no problems but can't get the UNIX box to connect to
itself or the NT box
to connect to the UNIX box. Any help in solving this problem would be
greatly appreciated.


  Paul Berkley
  System Engineer
  TriSys Engineering
  pberkley at

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