Multi-homed interface name resolution

Robert Franklin R.C.Franklin at
Wed Nov 18 18:19:00 GMT 1998


(I think I posted this a few weeks ago, but I haven't found the solution 
and had no replies.)

I have a multi-homed server, one interface of which is on the same subnet 
as the majority of clients and the other is on a different one (but still 
reachable, through a router).

When connecting to the server, it seems to be chance which one of these 
interfaces I get.

I believe DNS servers (e.g. BIND) have an address sorting system which 
gives out an address on the same subnet as the client (where possible) as 
the primary (first) address.  Does nmbd not do this (I'm using WINS).

I've tried forcing the address on the clients using an LMHOSTS file like:

  CARROT        #pre

But that appears not to be working (although I'd prefer not to do that 

Any suggestions?  (I'm using Samba 1.9.18p10.)

  - Bob

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