samba ver 2 beta 1 (gaping wide bug)

Tim Wernick wernick at
Wed Nov 18 09:58:06 GMT 1998

Benjamin Scott wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Juan Carlos Castro y Castro wrote:
> > This goes similar to the NT database corruption which MS tried to blame on Samba...
>   I am new to the list, and disliking Microsoft is a hobby of mine, so if you
> don't mind:  I'm curious.  What database corruption, and how did MS try to
> blame it on Samba?

I couldn't find the old message in my archive, but it was about corrupting the NT
security information database because of some packets Samba sent and NT didn't expect. I
think it was in some v2 beta, but I can't remember the details. Can someone mine it for

[Tim Wernick]  I found it in Samba Digest 1797 "The Empire Strikes Back":

Unbelievable! These guys get more and more disgusting each day.

But now I have a proof that Linux and all its free software community (samba included) are
indeed growing and are indeed consideder a threat by M$. Expect more and dirtier moves.

Can you guys point me to more material on the subject?

[]'s, Juan

>  From: "Le Quellec, Francis" <FLeQuell at>
>  Hi, we use a Windows NT to authenticate our users and I have a subnet with a
>  Linux server as the router for that subnet.
>  I run samba-the-latest on Linux and I was told by a   Microsoft guy that
>  this server may be the cause of the security problem on the NT server.  It
>  seems that samba is corrupting the user database on the NT server and my
>  network admin thinks that the Linux server is the cause.
This is not (yet again) the scare that MS started over Samba
breaking NT? If an NT server database can be corrupted by
Samba queries, there is something drastically wrong with
NT, not with Samba.
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