Brian Ryner bryner at
Wed Nov 18 00:33:24 GMT 1998

>I attached my diff file to compile Samba under Linux kernel 2.1.126 with 
>glibc-2.0.7-980507 (shipped w/RedHat 5.1 as RPM glibc-2.0.7-7) installed. 
>There was a huge amount of errors and just these simple include fixes madeit 
>go well. 

Unfortunately, the smbmount utilities included WITH samba are for kernel
2.1.70 and higher.  For 2.0 kernels, you have to use the separately
distributed smbfs package.  I might try merging your include patches
though, and see what happens.

I'll be glad when kernel 2.2 is out and there won't be this distinction.

-Brian Ryner
bryner at

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