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Jim Watt jimw at
Tue Nov 17 23:29:31 GMT 1998

--On 11/18/98, 7:18 AM +1100 Stephen L Arnold wrote:

} 1) enabled the WINS server option in smb.conf
} 2) stopped and restarted the smb service
} 3) enabled WINS with IP address of samba box on my windoze box in 
} the TCP/IP -> NIC properties (windoze makes you reboot)
} 4) reboot windoze, dial out, and then I can't see the network at all
} 5) look in Network properties and WINS is disabled!
} What's weird is, the first time I enable WINS, windoze seems to 
} like it.  If I close the TCP/IP -> NIC dialog, then open it again, 
} the IP address is still there, but it won't let me close it again!  
} It says something about "this IP address is invalid. contact your 
} network admin."
} What gives? (other than windoze being a brain-damaged piece of crap)

At least one of the problems is routing.  Both 95 and NT increase
the metric of the LAN routes if a PPP connection is brought up.  That
alone could account for the slowdown, since the PPP connection will
be used in preference to the LAN connection.

You can drop the WAN route's metric back with judicious use of
"route delete/route add" after the PPP connection is up.  You
should look at the state of routing before the PPP connection
is brought up, and compare what you see with the state of affairs
after PPP is up.

How is the IP address for the dialout connection being obtained?
Maybe it's DHCP, and the DHCP reply is handing the machine a different
WINS server...or maybe it's just that the route to the WINS server
became expensive?  Are you using "winipcfg" to look at the state
of things from the 95 box?  It tells what's currently going on, and
the control panel/net displays may not.

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