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Martin Mielke martin at
Tue Nov 17 14:03:25 GMT 1998

Dear Samba Gurus,

I would like to know how to configure Samba to keep the file ownership
when someone creates a file on the Win95/98/NT boxes, instead of having
everything set to guest.guest, what forces to change the ownership for
that file to the right everytime.

For example:

On the UNIX side, there's an account like martin.develop, so when I log
in the network using a Win box, I get my own home directory and some
other shared stuff when I use the "network neverhood"; that's just fine.

The problem: if I create a simple text file, for example, I cannot save
it to my own home directory because of the permissions, although as the
user martin I have all rwx permission on that directory.
All I can do is to choose another "public" (mode 777) location and save
there my file, which is owned by guest.guest, and usually is rwx------.
Now, if I want to use/modify the file I must chown martin.develop
before... I think you already get the idea...

Has anybody faced this already or am I overseeing something obvious???

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


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