Shadow password problems with SCO 3.2v5.0.5

Kevin W. Reed soldo at
Mon Nov 16 21:44:45 GMT 1998

Just in case someone else is have problems with this release and
hasn't yet figured out what is wrong, the newest version of SCO's
OSR5 Unix 5.0.5 has apparently changed the format of the shadow file
(/etc/shadow) by adding a new field that isn't documented. 

This causes Samba to fail for user password lookups with a Bad
Password - name/password pair...

Unshadowing the password file works just fine.

The shadow password file looks like:


The 6th field (There is supposed to be only 5) contains 134511920: is
the added stuff that I have yet to find out what it is there for or

I've not looked at the source yet to see if there is an easy fix for
it yet...

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