Strange behaviour with domain login

Martin Geigl geigl at
Mon Nov 16 16:15:38 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I have Samba 1.9.18p18 installed on Linux (S.u.S.E. 5.3). It
is configured to act as a domain controler for the Windoze

One of my users, which can login from his Win95 (plain text
password) without problems, wants to change his password
from the Control Panel. But every time when he logs out
after changing his password and re-logs in, the new password
is refused by the server. Instead he has to use his old

I looked at the smbpasswd file. It changes, when the user
changes his password, but during the login it changes again!
It seems to me that Windoze has the old password in its
cache and changes the smbpasswd file according to its cache
during login (I think I've red something about Windoze cache
on the Internet, but don't remember where).

What can I do to overcome this problem? Just reboot the
machine (standard MS procedure)?


my smb.conf (important parts):
        smb passwd file = /samba/samba/smbpasswd

        ; security options
        guest account = nobody
        security = user
        encrypt passwords = no
        update encrypted = yes

        local master = yes
        domain logons = yes
        domain master = yes
        preferred master = yes
        wins support = yes
        time server = yes
        os level = 65

        ; filename handling
        case sensitive = no
        mangle case = no
        dos filetimes = yes
        dos filetime resolution = yes
        preserve case = yes
        short preserve case = yes
        character set = iso8859-1

        ; optimizing options
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY
        getwd cache = yes
        oplocks = yes
        fake oplocks = no
        keep alive = 30
        dead time = 15
        read prediction = yes

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