Photoshop 5 troubles with samba

Richard Browne richb at
Mon Nov 16 12:35:15 GMT 1998

Hi. Having the following trouble with samba 1.9.18p10:

In Photoshop 5, doing a File-Open and selecting a file intermittently
produces an error from Photoshop:

"The file cannot be opened because it is in use or was not closed
properly"    (<-- that's from memory so it may not be the exact

What is even wierder is this. If I choose a filename from the recent
files list on the File menu, it always open ok! Further, drag and drop
from explorer also works all the time!! Very strange, but true. I've
verified the problem on two separate machines -- both are Windows NT
4.0/SP4 with Photoshop 5. I have also observed that Photoshop 4 does not
have the problem. Further, the Macintosh running Photoshop 5 does not
exhibit the problem. Prior to switching to Samba/Linux, the machines
were working ok for several years accessing a Windows NT file server..

I tried 'strict locking = true' and 'oplocks = false' in smb.conf, but
that doesn't help.

Has anyone:

a) Seen this before,

b) Any ideas on where to go from here? I'm stumped.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

p.s. Is there any such thing as an 'SMB sniffer' that might help me?

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