Big difference in speed when copying or moving from Win98

marchino at marchino at
Sun Nov 15 15:08:37 GMT 1998

Does anybody has noticed a big difference in speed when copying or moving a 
file from Samba share to local drive?

I tried to copy a big file (around 100Mbytes) to our Server (Slakware Linux, 
Samba 1.9.18p10) from  a local drive of a unit which is running Windows98.
If the file is being copied (using Explorer) it takes 'round 60 minutes to 
complete, but - and this is very strange (not too much actually :-) ) -  it takes 
only about 5 minutes to move the same file!
I thought before this that the difference between copying and moving a file was 
only a "delete" at the end!!!
I think this has something to do with M$ TCP/IP because if I do the same to a 
Novell Server, the speed doesn't change using "copy" or "move".

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