Proposals - Samba to Cygwin, WINS replication

Bill Eldridge bill at
Sun Nov 15 09:25:44 GMT 1998

Two items I was thinking about.

1) Is it practical to consider expanding
the Cygwin net facilities and porting Samba
to it to let Cygwin/Samba be the only
low-level networking stack on NT/95/98?

(This might have one big advantage in that
even if the client chain got yanked out
 from under Samba, it could be replaced
with one that's open source and debuggable).

2) From what I'm reading, WINS and browser
replication on NT is undocumented and doesn't
work very well.  Is it possible for Samba to
provide a documented way to do replication
intelligently in the absence of any NT machines,
that could provide better syncing of the
databases?  It doesn't seem that the clients
at least for WINS would need to know *how*
the servers sync their info, and if you don't
have to talk to an NT server for it, you're
free to roll your own.

Must be bored today.  Cheers,

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