no updates seen on PC after unix changed (v2.0 alpha)

Jan Kratochvil short at
Sat Nov 14 17:52:37 GMT 1998

> Set "oplocks = false" in your smb.conf for the share where it's a 
> problem. Remember, there will be a performance penalty, so only
> apply it to shares where its a problem, avoid setting it globally.

  A solution is to leave 'oplocks=true' but when changing such
file to always use the one locally SMBmounted under the UNIX from
the locally running server on the same physical host
(if you UNIX derivate is capable of SMBmounts, such as Linux.
Amanda->NFS translation should be available if not but this is
rather an overkill).


> > drive. If I bring up Windows explore and double click on a text
> > file I can see the file without a problem. I then close the file
> > and go to the unix box and change the text file. If I then double
> > click on the PC side again it shows me the old file, not what
> > has been changed on the unix side. I have looked through all the

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