Samba printing to a PC client from Solaris

John B. Cole colex017 at
Sat Nov 14 02:44:43 GMT 1998

My apologies to any of you who waded through this posting on 
Usenet.  I have tried to avoid cross-posting to the point of idiocy.  :-)

I am running SAS 6.12 on a Sun server under the current version of
Solaris and Samba 1.9.18p10.  I would like to set up printing such that I
can use Samba to pass print jobs from SAS to a user's local (PC)
printer.  From my newsgroup searches, the basic setup appears to be a
common question, but I have not seen any particularly revealing
responses (perhaps due to my inexperience in this area).  I would like
to define several printers (say 10 - 15) so that a given user can use
a configuration line in the SAS printer setup such as:

	/<path>/lp -d<Samba name for local printer>

to print locally from the server.  I.e.:

	John might use "/.../lp -dJohn" in his SAS printer definition,
	and Matt might use "/.../lp -dMatt" in his.

The question I have is this: what is the outline of steps needed to
define the proper configuration?  Here is what I have managed to piece
together so far, and it may be seriously flawed as I am new to Unix
system administration:

(1) define printers in printcaps file (I am using a file named
/etc/samba.print which is explicitly loaded in smb.conf) and set
/usr/local/samba/smbprint as the input filter for those printers;

(2) write the smbprint filter (I think this is where my big problem

(3) define printers in smb.conf, including allowed users and spool

(4) enable and accept the printers, which (I think) places the
appropriate info in the /etc/printers.conf file and starts the queues;

(5) create the appropriate spool directories and .conf files for each
printer - also chown the files and folders to root and chgrp them to

(6) stop and restart smbd and lpd to reinitialize everything.

I have started out trying to set up a single printer in my workgroup,
and am having problems.  I can use smbclient to connect to the
printer, and then the print command to send a job, but I cannot get my
scripts to work.  I have checked the parms in smb.conf and in my
printcaps file, and the Samba tools tell me they are parameterized
correctly.  (I would attach my smbprint file, but I have been through
about four of them today.)  One of the problems I have is that I am
trying to modify examples from the web and this (and other) newsgroups
that use accounting, which I do not want to worry about right now (I
would be happy if I could just get a few printers working).

If someone has the time to (1) let me know if my outline above is in
the ballpark, or if it is too complicated; and (2) provide an example
of printcaps and/or smbprint files from working (non-accounting)
installations, I would be very grateful.

Thanks very much in advance.
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