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Sat Nov 14 00:31:19 GMT 1998


>My goal is to have the entire Linux filesystem visible - via Samba - to
>Windows 95 and Windows NT clients.  This system is not on the net, so
>security is not a concern.  I would like to have all password
>authentication occur on the Linux box with absolutely no NT Server / Domain
>Controller involvement.
>My goal is to be able to issue statements like this:
>net use l: \\interserv27\public root_password /user:root /persistent:no

>* Can someone tell me how to make Win95 access Linux via Samba in the
>context of what I have described above

You should be aware of the fact that there are some case issues with Win95. Scan 
the output of "man smb.conf" for the word "case" and test. "preserve case = yes" 
is a must when you are creating files but there are reports that Win95 prefers 
upper case letters. Give NT a chance ...

>* Is my smb.conf file (copied below) complete?  Does it have too much stuff
>for what I am trying to accomplish... or too little?  Any other major
>things I should know about?

Your [public] share needs

	force user = root
        force group = root

for the case someone does not connect as root.

You told us security were not a concern so I just want to repeat that with these 
options your unix box is toast ...

>* On the Samba web sites there does not appear to be a complete listing of
>all possible parameters and a description of them for the smb.conf file.
>Does anyone know where this can be found?  Apparently "man samba" has a lot
>of these, but I am wondering how up-to-date that is?

Don't mind about that. "man smb.conf" is nearly accurate. Whats not in there is 
not really important.

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