embedded Samba

Benjamin Scott bscott at hamptonsys.com
Fri Nov 13 21:28:54 GMT 1998

> Does anyone know if Samba is being used on embedded devices as their SMB
> protocol stack?

  I know the "Qube", from Cobalt, uses Linux internally.  I know you can
drag'n'drop files to it from Windows.  I can only assume they must be using
Samba to provide that functionality.  http://www.cobaltmicro.com

> Does anyone know what hard drive attachment I am talking about?  I can't
> find it on the web anywhere... I think it is "Snap It" or "Snap On" or
> something.... 

  I think you're thinking of the "Snap!" server, from Meridian Data Corp.  Go
to http://www.snapserver.com for details.  From the data on their website, it
runs some kind of UNIX (a "compact, 32-bit multitasking OS kernel"), but I
don't know what the network server software is. 

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