Newbie Question

Dave Myers Dave.Myers at
Fri Nov 13 15:23:15 GMT 1998

We're having problems using IBM's OS/390 NFS client
to a Sun Solaris platform.

We have current, open ETRs with IBM and they've
acknowledged that they have NFS problems.
They are reviewing traces as I type.

Someone suggested(me!) that maybe we should try using
SAMBA to mount Solaris filesystems to OS/390.

Simple Newbie Question: Can the OS/390 Samba client mount
                        to a Samba Server on a Solaris platform?

Any gotchas?

I noticed that the README file states that the OS/390 Samba
comes with an "FTP-LIKE" Samba client? 
I guess I'm looking for  an "NFS-LIKE" Samba client??


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