nmbd as WINS & lmhosts

Michel michel at nijenrode.nl
Fri Nov 13 14:41:10 GMT 1998

I have nmbd set up to act as a WINS server. As far as I can tell
from the docs, WINS should reply for queries that it can then lookup
in the supplied lmhosts file.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to do this; it only knows its
own name when queried (and the domain name entry) but none of
the entries that are in the lmhosts file.

the debug output of nmbd doesn't reveal much (and doesnt even mention
that it's loading the lmhosts file anywhere), even when debugging is set
to level 9 or so..

I also explicitely supplied the -H parameter to nmbd, without success.

Is there something else I should check ?


  Michel van der Laan	-	michel at nijenrode.nl

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