File & Directory permissions

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Fri Nov 13 11:20:45 GMT 1998

[SNIP - very useful clarification - thanks]

> >The only control as user at a NT Workstation has is to make files read only.
> Can't comment.  (Definately NOT true for WfWg3.11 File Manager)
Well alright you can also set the execute bits.  But this is still not much 

> >B: Is there any other mechanism for a user to change the permissions of their 
> >files?
> The one suggestion I have seen is 'magic script', which allows you to
> have a file executed by Samba upon close.  Stick the relevant 'chmod'
> commands in there (not forgetting to use UNIX End-Of-Line semantics) and
> away you go!

Indeed a possibility, but too generous to the user - we do not let users log 
in to servers - but this would allow them to run arbitary commands.  So in my 
view it is a general escape mechanism but too generous.

I guess the forthcoming ACL support might provide what we would like 

> >The rationale is that the SAMBA directives do not cover all I would wish - eg 
> >Users here have Web pages that must be globally readable, but most other files 
> >should not be so.
> Hmm.  Tricky within a single share.  I guess you can't provide a
> separate share for each user's web pages?
This is of course the other option. Another option is simple invokeable 
commands to set up web directories properly.  This is the option I shall 
pursue for the moment.

Shared directories (ie used by multiple people to work from) are another 

Thanks for this info & to the others who wrote to me,

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