win98 and encryption

Greg Dickson witchy at
Fri Nov 13 10:44:25 GMT 1998

Hi all

I have recently setup my RedHat 5.1 with Samba 1.9.18p10-51 from the mirror site
I even tried the samba-1.9.18p10-51.1.src.rpm and had a look in the Makefile and it is using PAM

I got it all working fine fixed the registry and all and its all going great guns without encryption
-setup the smbpasswd
-set  update encrypted = yes and that updated smbpasswd ok as its supposed to
-bought the Samba Book and read that.
-did the diagnosis tests

commented out update encryption
uncommented encrypt passwords = yes
login via another  linux box and it works fine
every thing works fine to here after several reboots of all systems

I then removed the
and it stoped

I put it back and it works again

encrypt passwords is defineltly set

is this a 98 problem or have I missed something

thanks heaps


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