win nt / 95 samba utilization

Justin Kuntz jkuntz at
Fri Nov 13 01:46:56 GMT 1998


My goal is to have the entire Linux filesystem visible - via Samba - to
Windows 95 and Windows NT clients.  This system is not on the net, so
security is not a concern.  I would like to have all password
authentication occur on the Linux box with absolutely no NT Server / Domain
Controller involvement.

My goal is to be able to issue statements like this:

net use l: \\interserv27\public root_password /user:root /persistent:no

My understanding is that I would then have full root access to the Linux
filesystem, and that all files and directories I create would be equivalent
to "chown root.root".  We are using NT Workstation with SP3 - and the Samba
"clear password" RegEdit fix applied.  These machines are able to connect
to the Red Hat box using the above NET USE statement.  However, Windows 95
machines do not appear to be able to specify a user name.  IE: "/user:root"
is not an option on Win95 that I can find anywhere.

My questions are this:

* Can someone tell me how to make Win95 access Linux via Samba in the
context of what I have described above
* Is my smb.conf file (copied below) complete?  Does it have too much stuff
for what I am trying to accomplish... or too little?  Any other major
things I should know about?
* On the Samba web sites there does not appear to be a complete listing of
all possible parameters and a description of them for the smb.conf file.
Does anyone know where this can be found?  Apparently "man samba" has a lot
of these, but I am wondering how up-to-date that is?

------- smb.conf -------------------------

[root at interserv27 /etc]# more smb.conf
; /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start
; /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb stop

  comment = Linux SMB
  workgroup = RHLSMB
  server string = Red Hat Linux
  security = user
  socket options = TCP_NODELAY
  preferred master = yes
  null passwords = true

# [homes]
#    comment = Home Directory of %S or %u
#    browseable = no
#    writable = yes
#    path = /home/%S

  path = /tmp/samba_test
  writable = true
  public = yes

  path = /
  writable = true
  public = yes

  public = yes
[root at interserv27 /etc]#

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