embedded Samba

Justin Kuntz jkuntz at prominic.com
Fri Nov 13 01:46:39 GMT 1998

Does anyone know if Samba is being used on embedded devices as their SMB
protocol stack?  I have seen new hard disk arrays ("the Snap It hard drive
or something like that") which is supposed to be MUCH more reliable than
actual "computer file servers" because it is just a hard drive with a small
embedded OS and web administration.  NO OS HASSELS... I really like our new
Lexmark TCP/IP-network based printers, which are totally web
administered... and I am wondering how rapidly the rest of the computer
industry is going to move to this type of scheme.  It seems to me that is
the real "network computer" of the future that Sun keeps talking about.

Does anyone know what hard drive attachment I am talking about?  I can't
find it on the web anywhere... I think it is "Snap It" or "Snap On" or




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