browsing in 2.0.0.alpha15 known to be broken?

John Lusk lusk at
Thu Nov 12 22:04:11 GMT 1998

Stupid question #22: Is browsing in 2.0.0alpha15 known to be broken?
The share names presented to me by Explorer don't look properly
null-terminated, so, for instance, my home directory ('lusk') is
presented in Explorer as 'luskHome directory of lusk????????' where
each '?' is either a square or an "A" with a line above it (i.e.,
non-printable characters).

Before I start tracking this down, I thought I'd ask if anybody else
has seen this.  I searched the 'samba' list archives using search
pattern 'alpha;brows' (partial word) and came up w/nothing.


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