Printing problem

Scott Moomaw scott at
Thu Nov 12 20:27:57 GMT 1998

We're experiencing a printing problem between Window 95 and samba.  At
present, we're running samba-1.9.18p10 for file and print services.
Students attempting to print in the public PC labs are experiencing
printing problems (the PC stops printing) that can often be fixed in one
of two ways. The first and most effective mechanism is to reboot the Win95
PC.  The second method involves going to the printer properties box
(details tab), retyping the port name, and choosing apply.  This often
fixes the problem and allows the Win95 PC to print again.

This is probably a Win95 issue and not samba related, but I'm wondering if
other samba users are experiencing similar difficulties.  We did not
experience this last year so I'm curious about the PC's MS Networking
support; last year, we were still running Netware.

Any thoughts or similar occurrences?

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