Windows 98 Preformance

Thu Nov 12 19:17:51 GMT 1998

I have Samba on a HP-UX 10.20 box and a Windows 98 and NT clients. We are using 
Samba to just share the Unix drives, the clients get their main stuff from an 
NT domain structure. On my NT client connected to a share, when I go into file 
manager for an example I get the directory structure almost instantly. However 
when the 98 client does the same exact process on the same exact share, it take 
a good amount of time for the directory structure to come up. Because if this 
time delay my software is having problems locating files on the drive because 
it seems to be timing out. Any thoughts on this matter would be most helpful.

Brian Kennedy
Hewlett Packard 
I am currently testing a new e-mail client called Outlook.
If present, please disregard the "winmail.dat" attachment.

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