How to preserve case in Russian file names

Vladas Lapinskas lapinskas at
Thu Nov 12 10:30:41 GMT 1998


	M$ makes me crazy!.. Samba works perfectly, it supports russian
file names correctly, but when I try to open file with any Windows
program (Word, for ex.)  - program changes name given while directory
browsing to upper-case. For example

	<little russian chars>.doc -> <big russian chars>.DOC

	and, of couse Samba could not find such file. I could not even 
copy such file... I've played with a number of Samba setting (mangling,
case, charset) without succsess :-(

	If somebody solved this problem, please send me your smb.conf
file. Any ideas are also apreciated.

	Platform: Linux 2.0.35 RH 5.0 with glibc 2.0.7-19
	Samba: 1.9.18p8-50.1.i386.rpm

	Thank you!

Vladas Lapinskas, mailto:lapinskas at

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