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I had a similar problem with Win 3.11 and my SuSE Dist. Curiously, I couls access sharea as "root", but not as "brauki".
The difference, however was "sss" silly, simple and stupid.

my linux root password was lowercase  with a number, my userpassword one word starting with an uppercase letter. guess what happened after i changed my userpassword to lowercase..... ;-)


	Hello :

	I'm trying to run Samba on a Redhat 5.0 machine, with "user" security
	level, but when try to access the machine (from a '95 machine) it ask me
	for my password, I put it but '95 say "Invalid password".

	In another network I have installed samba with the same smb.conf, except
	"workgroup" directive and it works fine.

	What is wrong?


	Hi all:

	Sorry, I forgot to mention in the last mail, that the other machine that
	works fine and is in another network is a Debian system, also I have
	with samba ver. 1.9.18p10 and alpha-, both works fine in Debian
	machine but not in Redhat (5.0), could be the problem "pam"?

	The lan where Debian is installed is a two machine lan for experimental
	purposes, where RedHat is installed is a large campus networks with many
	machines and OS's

	Thanks Again.

	P.S.: The same problem ocurrs with Caldera.

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