samba across multiple subnets..

Liam Hoekenga liamr at
Wed Nov 11 17:41:05 GMT 1998

I'd like to have my samba server advertise itself in multiple subnets.

With samba 1.17pl3 i was able to do this with the "remote announce" flag
in the smb.conf

since i've upgraded to 1.18 (currently running 1.18pl10), remote announce
will allow me to advertise in other subnets, but the computers there
cannot connect back to my server.  They get a "connect find network path"
error message.

I've seen other people post to the list with the same problem. Last time I
noticed it, I emailed one of them, and they pointed out to me that I can
get arround this by regisitering with a WINS server on the remote network.

Here's my questions... can samba register with multiple WINS servers?  

What's the purpose of "remote announce" if it will display your server,
but not allow people to connect to it?  Like I said, it worked in 1.17pl3,
but doesn't seem to work in 1.18plXX

any help / suggestions appriciate
thanks much!

Liam Hoekenga
University of Michigan

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