What I would like to do: can it be done?

Ben Kosse BKosse at thecreek.com
Wed Nov 11 00:36:04 GMT 1998

> > I have a RHL box running Samba 1.19.8p10 (or whatever the 
> latest one is). I
> > would like to share the /home/httpd directory read-only to 
> everyone on the
> > network and read/write to a few specific people. I cannot 
> get the passwords
> > for these people, and I want this to be as transparent as 
> possible (read: as
> > "invisible" as possible). I don't want to have to add every 
> user to the
> > group, but I'm willing to add the users who need read-write access.
> This is the solution. Put everybody who should have write 
> access in a group
> lets say called usrwrite.
> Then make the dir which is shared (Path = ... in the smb.conf)
> chmod 2775 <dir>
> chown root.usrwrite <dir>
> Set the same permissions on every dir under <dir>/ - new dirs 
> will get them 
> automatically (thanks to the sgid- bit set with the 2 in 2775)
Yes, yes, I know this, but unfortunately it doesn't work. You see, I had
already set up permisions like this so as to be able to update the files via
FTP. The problem is that the Linux server doesn't have the same password
list as the NT servers. I set security = server so as to use NT as the
password server (the password server is the PDC). The problem is that either
everyone can write to the directory or no one can .

> You don´t need "write list" or any of the options related to 
> this - the only exception is maybe "user list" of you want 
> to restrict the users allowed to connect.
I'm sure this would work wonders if the users actually logged into the Linux
box, but sadly, they don't.
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