What I would like to do: can it be done?

Florian G. Pflug fgp at fgp.priv.at
Tue Nov 10 23:08:56 GMT 1998

> I have a RHL box running Samba 1.19.8p10 (or whatever the latest one is). I
> would like to share the /home/httpd directory read-only to everyone on the
> network and read/write to a few specific people. I cannot get the passwords
> for these people, and I want this to be as transparent as possible (read: as
> "invisible" as possible). I don't want to have to add every user to the
> group, but I'm willing to add the users who need read-write access.
This is the solution. Put everybody who should have write access in a group
lets say called usrwrite.
Then make the dir which is shared (Path = ... in the smb.conf)
chmod 2775 <dir>
chown root.usrwrite <dir>

Set the same permissions on every dir under <dir>/ - new dirs will get them 
automatically (thanks to the sgid- bit set with the 2 in 2775)

Set all files to 664 (not 2664), same owner&group as dirs. Again, new files
get the right perms automatically. 

You don´t need "write list" or any of the options related to this - the only
exception is maybe "user list" of you want to restrict the users allowed to

> Help would be appreciated.
Here it is (was...?) 

> I've been playing with the usermap, read list, write list, and a few other
> parameters.
Maybe it´s possible with those parameters too  - I never used them

> BTW, is there a way for Samba to use the NT groups instead of the Unix
> groups for checking write permissions?
I don´t think so.. but maybe someone did some patches...

                                         Hope this helps, Florian Pflug

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