Netlogon problems

Miquel Bonastre miquel at
Tue Nov 10 16:35:10 GMT 1998

  We have solved our problem. As I expect, it was Windows fault.

  In the netlogon process, Windows seems to make a broadcast to
  find the server that validates its password. If the server 
  response lates too much Windows fails to validate (this is
  my hypothesis).

  We have found the solution in the MS TechNet Knownledge base
  of October (Article Q185969)

  This article talks about a newer version of the MSNET32.DLL
  in windows\system. This newer version lets specify in the 
  registry the prefered server to validate the netlogon against.

  While we are waiting for microsoft to send us this DLL, we have 
  tried the version shipped with Windows 98 and it worked.

Miquel Bonastre wrote:
> Hi,
>   We use Samba 1.9.18p10 on a Digital Unix alpha workstation
>   as file server for our users. In rush hour there are 80-100
>   clients connected to the server. It works fine almost all
>   the time but sometimes we have problems with the login
>   from Windows 95.
>   When the problem appears the user enters username, password
>   and domain and it displays the message
>   - Cannot found the shared resource. Be sure it's correctly
>     specified
>   or
>   - The specified password is incorrect or the access is denied.
>   (This are translations from the spanish messages)
>   sometimes the user only needs to press enter again on the
>   authentication window (so the password was correct),
>   sometimes he needs to try a lot (5-6 times) and sometimes
>   it never works.
>   This problems never appears with the same operation from
>   a dos client (using Lanman client), so we thing is a Windows
>   95 problem, but there should be something in the server
>   that forces it.
>   It doesn't seem to be related to the number of clients connected
>   because we have had 110 clients at the same time without
>   any problem and it has appeared with only 50 clients.
>   Now we are trying to monitors the net and disk activity to
>   try to see if the server load is the cause but when the problem
>   appears an interactive session with the server works fine.
>   Has someone any idea about why this problem could appear?
>   Please, bring me ideas about where to search the causes,
>   parameters that I should review, windows 95 configuration, ...
>   Where can I found information about timing parameters
>   on the makefile?
>   Which is the daemon that serves the netlogon? nmbd, smbd or both?
>   Thank you very much.
                            Miquel Bonastre (miquel at
                            Area de Sistemes Unix (LCFIB)
                            Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona
                            Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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