Problemas con Samba

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Mon Nov 9 22:33:23 GMT 1998


> Cuando intento conectarme a un recurso de un NT desde Linux, lo hago con la
> siguiente línea de ordenes:
> Linux:/#smbmount //server/recurso /punto_de_anclaje /I IP_del_server -C -U
> Administrador <RET>
> password:passwd_del_Administrador<RET>
> mount error:invalid argument
> Please look at smbmount´s manual page for possible reasons
> En la consola del servidor Linux sale por pantalla.
> smb_dont_catch_keepalive:server->data_ready == NULL
> ¿Que me pasa...?

I have a real language-problem understanding your posting... if you want
people to answer, please post your message in english the next time.
There are enough people (including me) on the list who's mother's 
tongue in not english, so nobody really cares about how bad the 
english of the postings is.

                                   Greetings from Vienna, Florian Pflug

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