Need help with 'Cannot find setup.exe Windows needs this file to

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Mon Nov 9 15:04:16 GMT 1998

Your right.  It was the fact that the path was not 8.3 compliant.  It was
"f:\roma\mpls\cdimage\rmv200tp1\windows\intel" to be exact.  Samba was
doing exactly what it should have done.  I'll have to pass this one around
the rest of the company to make sure we don't get bit by it again.


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On Fri, 6 Nov 1998 03:28:19 +1100, Wayne_Johnson at wrote:

>I am getting this error when I try to execute a WIN32 program from a Samba
>file system.
>The file had been on a CDRom, I copied it to the Samba file system and
>tried to run it there but I get this error.  The program runs fine from

Is it possible you copied the files to a part of the tree where not all
elements fullfill the DOS 8.3 convention?

Often SETUP.EXE is a 16bit application and does not understand "long"
Move the whole installation path to something like X:\SHORT and retry.

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