Problem: word6.0 does not see mangled Names if running on WinNT

Hanns-Peter Ermert ermert at
Sun Nov 8 10:29:10 GMT 1998


after an upgrade from samba 1.9.16p11 to samba 1.9.18p10 
long filenames and directorynames are no more listed as mangled names in
open file box of word6.0 or excel. (File->Open)

The problem exists only when word6 or Excel (or probably any other
Application of MSOffice 4.2/4.3) is running on
Windows NT 4.0 or 3.51 and I try to open a document via the file->open

If I open the word6->file->open listbox in word6 running on Windows95,
then all mangled names are listed. 

I can also see all the mangled names if I list the files in the old
"filemanager" on Windows-NT
selecting the detailed view or in a dosbox with "dir /X":

06.11.98  08:21 <DIR>    AAVER~BP     aaverylongdirname

I played also with default settings and several options but there was no
positive change in the
behavior concerning mangled names.

I checked this behavior on samba-1.9.18p10 on Linux and on solaris 2.6 .

Here an extract of the settings:

preserve case = yes
mangled names = yes
short preserve case = no
mangle case = no
case sensitive = no
default case = lower
mangled stack = 50

Looking forward for a solution of the problem


email: ermert at, H.-Peter Ermert, Berlin

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