make failure

Charles E. Gelm gelmce at
Sun Nov 8 11:54:20 GMT 1998


 I've fumbled my way and un-tarred samba whilst at /.  Samba ended up at

cd /usr/src and made a soft link
ln -s /samba-1.9.18p10 samba

 I changed directory to ...source and edited Makefile
uncommenting the #CC=gcc to CC=gcc

 I then ran 'make' and follows the first line of the ensuing error report:
"You forgot to uncomment a host type and flags in the Makefile."

 Well, then I 'grep'd Makefile looking for 'host', 'type' and 'flag'.
I didn't find any matches that looked like anything to uncomment.

What is a 'host type' and what is a 'flags' ?

Regards, Chuck

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