Getting my samba server to show up in browse lists

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Sat Nov 7 15:14:18 GMT 1998


On Sat, 7 Nov 1998 03:27:52 +1100, Chris Knox wrote:

>I've succeeded in making my samba server visible around the net, however
>I can't convince the thing to appear in the browse lists on remote 
>subnets.  I've read John Terpstra's article on configuring a browser at 
>however my (admittedly willful) ignorance of Microsoft networking is
>making this article seem rather opaque.  I can read it that I must have
>a list of subnets at "remote browse sync" and the same list at "remote
>announce" or I understand that it's not necessary since I have a single
>WINS server.  

> [...]

>workgroup = INTRANET
>   server string = Samba Server
>hosts allow = [a dozen subnets in a.b.c. format -- could long lines cause a prob
>remote browse sync = [same dozen subnets as above]
>remote announce = [same dozen subnets as above]

For the first attempts try not to use "hosts allow" nor "remote browse sync" to 
eliminate side effects.

As far as I remember "remote announce" needs a workgroup, not only a subnet 

Try to make sure your remote announcements reach the remote subnet: sniff around 
with i.e. tcpdump in the source net for brodcasts directed to port 137 
(netbios-nameservice) in the destination net. Then sniff in the destination net 
for those broadcasts to make sure they reach it (perhaps your router eats them).

If you have a domain master browser or WINS server in the destination net try to 
direct "remote announce" to this special server, not to the whole subnet.

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