Need help with 'Cannot find setup.exe Windows needs this file to

Wayne_Johnson at Wayne_Johnson at
Fri Nov 6 22:31:00 GMT 1998

OK. Maybe I was a little terse in the description.

I have a CD we (Candle) created.  It installs one of our products by
executing the setup.exe program.  I am able to execute the program off the
CD with no problems.

I then copied the contents of the CD to the Samba share.  I try and execute
the setup.exe file and get this error.

If I then copy the files from the Samba share to /temp, I can execute the
program with no problem.

Is it possible that the program is trying to open itself as read-write,
finding that the file is read-only (because the same file has already been
opened in order to load the executable image) and not being able to because
of the file locking?

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