Problems with MS Word 97 and Samba 1.9.18p10

Whiffen, Richard whiffen at
Fri Nov 6 19:50:58 GMT 1998

Hello all,

     I'm still having some odd problems with my samba setup.

An NT 4.0 SP3 workstation running MS Word 97 SR-1, and a Solaris 2.6 machine
running Samba 1.9.18p10 yields this problem:

Any user creates a new document.  They save and close that document,
everything works fine.  They re-open the document, and make some changes.
They then click the close "X" on the title bar to close the document.  It
prompts them to save the unsaved chagnes.  When they say yes, they get an

There has been a network or file permissions error.  The Network connection
my be lost (\\homesrv\homes\...\testing.doc)

It has an OK button in the dialog box.  After clicking ok, it prompts them
to retry the save.  That works successfully.  

If they choose save from the file menu it works find, and if they use the
save tool bar button, it also works fine, its just the save on close part
that doesn't.  When it tries the save, it creates a 54 byte file named
~$esting.doc (from testing.doc, I.E. replaces the first letter with ~$)

Saving to an NT Share works just fine.

I've turned the debugging up to level 2 to look at what its doing the only
thing I see in the log is this:

1998/11/06 15:30:22 whiffen opened file ~$esting.doc read=No write=Yes
(numopen=2 fnum=55)
Share violation on file (4,1,1,576,~$esting.doc,fcbopen = 0, flags = 0) = 0

How can I get a sharing violation if I'm the only one attached to the
server, and I only have MS Word open, working with this one file??

There are a lot of opening and closings of the document also, but they're
there when it works correctly too.

There are also a lot of these:
del_share_modes Deleting share mode entry dev=771 ino=24641
del_share_modes num entries = 0, deleting share_mode dev=771 ino=24641

I can replicate the problem on a Redhat 5.1 Samba 1.9.18p7

So, anyone have any ideas?

Rich Whiffen
Rich Whiffen
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