change Unix file permissions from a NT Box

Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Wed Nov 4 17:06:00 GMT 1998


> Is there a posibilty to change all Unix file permissions from the
> NT-Explorer (not only arciv,hidden,sysem mappig). A solution could bee to
> extend the context menu with to entries show security and set secutriy (inf
> - files could do that for example winzip-installation does the sama). This
> extensions can call for example a rsh programm which will do that job.
Wow - really interresting idea... would be really cool

> Does anybody has a solution or ideas to solve that problem?
Using has some drawbacks, because nt doesn't know the unix-password need for
Maybe there is some documentation, about the smb-"api"-calls nt uses when
changing permissions on a nt server (btw: is this possible?)
Of course the nt-permissions can not be fully supported by samba, because
the are more sophisticated then unix-perms, but there should be solutiosn
for this...

If you start working on this, let me know it.

                                                   Greetings, Florian

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