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Florian G. Pflug fgp at
Wed Nov 4 16:52:59 GMT 1998


> This is the first I have seen this mentioned.  We are able to 
> to patch WIN98 clients and all Win95 clients to work with an older 
> version of samba domain logon using "plain text" passwords - but are unable
> to get working the latest version.  Where did you find this reference?
> Would this explain why we haven't been able to get the most recent release
> of samba to accept plain text logons...

I seem to have mixed things up... it's NT that does not do domain logons
without the server supporting encrypted passwords. 
I have played around with win95-domain logons a bit, and it seem that
win95-domain-logons are, in fakt
.) connecting to the netlogon share, with username & password
.) executing login-script found there
.) merging policies with registry

while nt uses special smb-"api"-calls...

This is, however, only what my impression is after playing around a bit.

                                                Greetings, Florian Pflug

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