change Unix file permissions from a NT Box

Emrich Michael (QI/LBS3-Rt) * Michael.Emrich at
Wed Nov 4 13:15:35 GMT 1998

Is there a posibilty to change all Unix file permissions from the
NT-Explorer (not only arciv,hidden,sysem mappig). A solution could bee to
extend the context menu with to entries show security and set secutriy (inf
- files could do that for example winzip-installation does the sama). This
extensions can call for example a rsh programm which will do that job.

Does anybody has a solution or ideas to solve that problem?

Michael Emrich
Robert Bosch GmbH ; QI/LBS3-Rt; Postfach 1342; 72703 Reutlingen
Tel: (07121)/35-4018; Fax: -2687; Internet: Michael.Emrich at

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