Samba WINS server and lost domain controllers

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Nov 4 12:42:18 GMT 1998

Graham Leggett wrote:
GL> For a long time, everything has worked fine, however recently we
GL> had weird problems with domain controllers "disappearing".

	One thing to look for is machines supporting netblooie or
	Novell networking protocols participating in elections.

	One of the team posted (Mr. Terpstra, if memory servers)
	a caution about this some time ago: as I understood it,
	the winner might be a machine that assumes ``everybody 
	should be using the protocols **I'M** using'', and fail
	to provide service on TCP/IP.

	This, and other Bad Things occur if you use NetBlooie
	or the default workgroup name, WORKGROUP.  In the latter
	case, you usually find ill-configured machine on your
	net, arguing with the correctly-configured ones (;-))

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