nis homedir troubles

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Wed Nov 4 11:13:14 GMT 1998

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> Subject:       nis homedir troubles
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> Has anyone had similar problems? Is there any more info on using these
> options?
We are running a familiar configuration here: Solaris 2.6-Machine 
running Samba to share the users' homedirs to the PC/NT-Net. The 
users' homes are mounted via NIS to /autohome/, so Peter's homedir 
would be /autohome/peter. We solved the problem of not knowing the 
physical location of the homedir by the following 

        comment         = Home-Verzeichnisse
        guest ok        = false
        path            = /autohome/%u
        writable        = yes
        browseable      = yes
        public          = no

The variable %u in the path-line is expanded to the user's name - 
that's it.

> Thanks in advance for any comments.
Hope, this helps....

Yours, Osama Abu-Aish
Inst. f. Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS)
Allmandring 30a
70569 Stuttgart

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