Anonymous access for disk space

Kenneth Ingham ingham at
Wed Nov 4 02:46:12 GMT 1998

I'm running Samba 1.9.18p4 on an SGI Octane running IRIX 6.4.
People who have accounts on the machine can access their home
directories without problems, so it is configured and running OK.

We have a filesystem (/pc1) that is to be used by any of the PC
users.  I have not gotten it to allow people to access the disk
without requiring an account on the octane though.  I've RTFM, and
obviously am missing something.  What am I missing?

My smb.conf file is below.

Thanks for any assistance.


   load printers = no
   guest account = guest
   lock directory = /usr/freeware/lib/samba/locks
   share modes = yes
   dead time = 15
   hosts allow =, 38.254.139.
   security = server
   password server = Windows_NT_Machine
   encrypt passwords = yes
   null passwords = true
   workgroup = ARA_DOMAIN
   auto services = pc1

   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   read only = no
   create mode = 0750

  comment = Temporary file space
  path = /tmp
  read only = no
  public = yes
  comment = File storage on octane1
  path = /pc1
  read only = no
  public = yes
  writable = yes
  guest ok = yes
  guest account = guest
  user = guest
  browseable = yes

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