w98 password fail

Michiel van Loon mfvl at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 3 20:21:32 GMT 1998

Hi Peter,

I encountered the same problem and haven't solved it yet. A work around in
my situation was to put all entries to public=yes. Since I am the only one
using the network at home there is no problem, but I can imagine that in
more real situations this is not preferable.
I fear that MS changed something in the passwords, since when I recompiled
with debugging on it looked like no password arrived on the Linux site. I
haven't looked in it further saving that for a dull day.


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> Hi!
> I´ve just upgraded from w95 to w98 and now I can´t login to the
> samba server anymore, it does not accept the passwors. NOthing
> has been changed on the server. I run samba-1.9.16p11.
> Peter

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