nis homedir troubles

Paul Ostro paulo at
Tue Nov 3 20:02:28 GMT 1998

Sorry if this is an old problem. I have just installed 1.9.18p10 - the
latest version. I noticed the nis homedir option in the config file, but
have not had much luck in implementing it.

I had hoped it would mean my [homes] shares would map to the correct server
- the one which physically carries a users home directory - regardless of
the machine to which the connection attempt was made. My [homes] sections
contain no 'path=' statement.

We are running NIS on Solaris 2.5/6 (not NIS+ in yp compatibility mode). I
created a NIS map which fulfilled the requirements of homedir map, and
named it in the conf file. I assume the path in 'server:/some/file/system'
is not critical - it is only the server name it is after.

I compiled with -DAUTOMOUNT  and -DNETGROUP and put -lrpcsvc in the LIBSM
line of the makefile.

Looking at the sources - util.c and server.c - it seems that the %N and %p
substitutions may be involved. But I have failed to make them work, or %H.

Has anyone had similar problems? Is there any more info on using these

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Paul Ostro
Dept. Medical Physics
UCL Hospitals, London UK
+44 171 209 6272

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