SOLARIS_2.6: request_oplock_break

Douglas K. Fischer skeet at Bridgewater.EDU
Tue Nov 3 19:56:44 GMT 1998

I saw a little discussion about this a few weeks ago but nothing concrete.
We're running samba-1.9.18p8 under Solaris 2.6x86. I am periodically
getting the following in the logfiles, usually _many_ at a time:

1998/11/03 14:42:00 request_oplock_break: no response received to oplock
break request to pid 5411 on port 40884 for dev = 1980040, inode = 33c4d

When I look up the PID (in this case 5411) I get the following:

ps -ef | grep 5411
    root  5573  5411  0                   0:00 <defunct>
  jwt001  5411  8126  0 14:13:37 ?        0:02 /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd

In looking up this PID in the logfiles (for the connection associated with

1998/11/03 14:13:38 bowlab13 ( connect to service netlogon
as user jwt001 (uid=9785,gid=60) (pid 5411)

1998/11/03 14:13:47 bowlab13 ( connect to service profiles
as user jwt001 (uid=9785,gid=60) (pid 5411)

1998/11/03 14:13:53 bowlab13 ( closed connection to service

1998/11/03 14:13:57 bowlab13 ( connect to service netlogon
as user jwt001 (uid=9785,gid=60) (pid 5411)

check_oem_password: incorrect password length (402434033).
check_oem_password: incorrect password length (402434033).

Note: I've seen this same problem without the check_oem_password errors as
well, so I don't know that they're involved.

Basically what it looks like to me is that an smbd process is spawning a
child which goes defunct for some reason I have yet to determine and the
smbd process hangs out there waiting for the child. Of course the child is
never going to answer being defunct, so the parent smbd process sticks
around and keeps its oplocks.

I can fix an occurance of this by manually killing the offending smbd
process, but I'd like to be able to stop this from happening altogether. 

Has anyone else encountered this or something similar? Is it something
fixed perhaps in samba2 that could be patched in 1.9.18p8/10?

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