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Tue Nov 3 18:29:14 GMT 1998

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My problem is with printing.  When the "print command" from the smb.conf
file is accessed, it apparently fails, for what I believe is the error
of "not a printable file".  I am sending print jobs from Win98 to Linux
Samba.  The file arrives and is spooled correctly.  I can direct the
spool file to the printer manually using the command "cat filename >
/dev/lp1" and the file prints properly, however if I use "lpr filename",
then I get an unprintable file error from lpr.  I am using an HP560C
Deskjet and I can print ok using regular doc files using lpr.  I have
used printtool to configure my etc/printcap file.  I believe that my
problem is the resolution of the proper lpr command to use as the "print
command" in the smb.conf file.  I am using "lpr -r -P%p %s" currently
and have tried many variations using the -Ff filter formats to no
avail.  I know that I am spooling the file correctly or the "cat
filename > /dev/lp1" would not work, so the problem has to be the lpr

Please provide the proper command or the correct HOWTO to resolve this

Thank You

George E. Turner
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