Proposal: Move Samba file locking stuff into a separate library

Stefan Rompf srompf at
Tue Nov 3 14:37:53 GMT 1998

Hi Samba-People,

while Samba is doing really great as a server for windows clients, I'm
currently not happy with way the program interacts with other servers,
namely Netatalk or Mars netware emulator. It is no problem to open the same
file on a Mac and a Windows PC read-write, thus inviting data corruption
even without oplocks coming into the game.

I understand that unix file locking modes are not sufficient for this (btw,
how does Samba map unix locks on DOS share/locking modes?), so what about
generalizing and putting all file locking and share mode stuff into a
separate library with a clear API? This would allow to write a command line
utility to break an oplock, and even better, modifying other server
packages to take advantage of such a library as a compile time option.

Taking a short look on 1.9.18p3's locking*.c, server.c and util.c, this
seems to be possible. I'd be happy to hear other opinions, with additional
knowledge of Samba's internal structures I think I should be able to do the

cu.. Stefan

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