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Rodney Lorimor rodl at
Mon Nov 2 21:27:45 GMT 1998

We are running MRTG on a RedHat linux 5.1 box. We are using Samba to allow
the NT 4.0 IIS 4 server to mount the share with SMB. The version of Samba
that we are running is 1.9.18p5. Here is the portion of the smb.conf that
applies to the share:

   comment = MRTG Data Share
   browseable = yes
   path = /home/mrtg/data
   public = yes
   writable = no
   printable = no
   locking = no
   oplocks = false
   veto oplock files = /*.asp/

We have tried several different things to see if if may have been file
locking causing the problem after reviewing the list archives.

What happens is that if you have never access the specific page you are
requesting than the page you are presented is exactly what you would
expect. However, if you access the page again or force a page refresh the
page doesn't update but the graphics do. So the % under each graphic are
not correct and the time and date are incorrect at the top.

MRTG is creating the pages with the correct info and updating them, so I'm
believing that it's being cached by Samba and I'm unable to figure out how
to eliminate the problem.

We had switched to Samba to help eliminate part of the NFS load on the two

I'm pretty sure that I've coverd all the archives and the FAQ at the Samba
site, unless my mind wasn't open enough to recognize the answer waiting
for me.

If anyone could at least give me a shove in the proper direction I'd
appreciate it.



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